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Radio-ready in 48 hours. Guaranteed.

Our engineers will mix your song so that its balanced, clear, & special.
Emailed to you 48 hours after you pay & upload your files.

You probably think
we're cappin'...

We'll answer your doubts in a moment

First, the problem:


You want to make a living off music.
You want to do it full time.
You want to tour.

But there are roadblocks to achieving your goals. Soon after you started making music, you discovered that your songs don't sound like the ones you hear on the radio.

Yours sounded like they were recorded in your bedroom (they probably were). You found out about mixing, a process where you need to add effects and filters to each layer of your song.

You tried mixing yourself. Not fun. You spent weeks and months learning the plugins, but your vocals didn't sound clear.

Frustrated, you bought a "preset pack" that was supposed to make you sound like Lil Baby or Travis Scott. Yet your song still feels unbalanced.


You take the risk, and pay an audio engineer online to mix your song. They make you figure out how to "export stems". After you send the files, they claim you exported them wrong, and you try again.

Ten days pass, and you're feeling "engineer anxiety". Why isn't he returning your DM's? What if it doesn't sound good? Could I have been scammed? After two weeks of pestering the engineer, you finally get your song back.

Disappointing. You wanted to sound radio-ready. You wanted clarity. His mix sounds a little better, but its not what you were dreaming of.

You are frustrated.

Stemmer solves your problem

The easiest way to mix your song

Easiest upload process

After you purchase, upload any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) project file. No need to export stems if you have this saved.

We support Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, FL Studio, GarageBand, BandLab, Ableton, Reaper, Soundtrap, Audacity, stem files & more. Stemmer extracts the raw stems from your DAW project file.

We can use the same effects you had, if you prefer their sound. In our upload portal, you tell us any customizations you want, including autotune preferences.

Upload Portal

Lightning-fast results

Our engineers mix and master your song within 48 hours of uploading.

Our AI-based bot organizes your song before our humans mix it, which enables our quick turnaround. No, we don't claim any copyright over your song.

Our engineer's look at any notes your provided us, and customize your song accordingly.

If you want a change to your mix, just email with your revision requests. Two free revision requests are included.

Our team has credits with

cardi b

Cardi B

French Montana

French Montana

lil tjay

Lil Tjay


Reggaeton: @johan

RnB: @madisonfaithbynoe

EDM: @fredr1ko

Rap: @2kmadethis

Singing: @dev.d.mp3

Image of artist named Benny

"It was convenient cause I could just zip my Logic file and send it."


Image of artist named comic

"Where can I write a good review? With other engineers, I struggled to figure out the stems. Stemmer was easier."


Picture of Islayem (artist)

"I really like how easy it was to drop my project file into Stemmer and let the magic happen."


image of Mightyway rapper

"An amazing experience with this program, Stemmer is a great way to mix and master your songs fast. i’m telling you try it you’re not gonna be disappointed. And the team behind it are always on time responding to your messages and making sure you’re satisfied with the results."


Image of rapper here

"Stemmer worked great for me! Easy and fast turn around, I would definitely recommend!"


Image of shaffmr rapper

"I recently had the pleasure of working with stemmer for mixing & mastering my latest track and I could not be more pleased with the results. The team was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, providing me with advice on how to get the best sound out of my track. Within a few hours I had my mastered track back and it sounded amazing."


Stemmer's Benefits

You'll be noticed

We'll add spice to your song. Tasteful phasers, fresh delay-throws, phone effect on adlibs, and more.

The special effects we add will make listeners pay attention. Your song will stand out compared to others. We'll use our judgement when adding effects, but feel free make requests when uploading.

Kill Career Bottlenecks

We're fast, due to our automated mix-organizing bot. Your career won't be on hold while you wait weeks for an engineer to get around to your mix.

Plus, our upload process has easy to follow instructions. You wont be wasting your time figuring out how to export stems.

No "Engineer Anxiety"

We have a full money-back guarantee. Multiple engineers listen to your mix, and you'll get email and SMS (US only) updates on your song's status.

You get direct communication with our CEO, and we are able to use any audio effects or autotune that you originally used and liked.

Have full control

When uploading, you tell us an special requests you have. If you want autotune, select how much you want. If you want us to use the effects that you already have on your song, just let us know!

We're happy to send the mixed stems back, if you want to tweak the mix on your own.

Earn extra money

To sell your song-rights to a TV show, commercial, or movie, their Music Supervisor will request special versions of your mix.

Per request, we'll send you these special versions: your mixed stems, an acapella version, an instrumental version, and a "show mix".

Get more fans

We'll repost your song to our 30,000 Tik Tok and Instagram followers. Just tag when you post it

120,000 songs are released daily*

*Data from Music Business Wordwide

Graph of 100,000 songs

Make your song stand out

We'll mix your song to beRadio Ready

48 hour turnaround. Money-back guarantee.

Our engineers will mix your song so that its balanced, clear, & special.
Emailed to you 48 hours after you pay & upload your files.


We will master your song too.

"Mastering" is the process of adding effects to the final audio file.
It's done after the song is mixed, and helps ensure your song is loud.
Each song you pay to have us mix, we'll master for free.

SAVE $400

Mix (Worth $250)
Master (Worth $75)
Mixed stems and show-tracks (per request, Worth $75)
Instagram promo (Worth $100)

Stemmer is easiest way to make your song radio-ready.
Stemmer will eliminate your career bottlenecks, promote your song, get you noticed,
enable you to make more money, give you full control, and kill your engineer anxiety.

Total Value: $500

You Pay: Just $99

More than 4 vocal layers playing at once, pay $149
Multitrack instrumental mix, pay $249

Price is Rising Soon

In 2023, we raised our prices on Feb 27th, June 8th, & July 6th

We will raise the price again soon

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Within 30 days of payment, we'll refund you if:

You don't receive your mix with 48 hours of uploading
Our mix doesn't leave you smiling and dancing

Even if you recorded on your phone

If we fulfill any revision requests to your song,
refunds will not be granted.


Purchase your mix before our prices rise

You will sound radio-ready within 48 hours
100% money back guarantee