EarnPassive Income

from your auto-mastering portal

    Free. No credit card required

    screenshot of stemmer mastering portal

    Easy Setup

    Fine-tune to you sound

    Upload your reference audio files, and your algorithm will match the stereo-image, eq, & loudness


    Link portal in your bio, or embed in your website. Your audience can upload their songs to it

    Make Money

    About 1 in 16 uploads to your portal will be purchased for $5. (6% conversion rate)

    Stemmer FAQ

    Couldn't people just use LANDR instead of my Stemmer portal?


    Yes. But even though there are countless AI mastering solutions out there, about 2% of artists who view your portal will purchase a master. Your portal is special and customized to your sound. Your audience wants to support your, and even sound like you.

    How is it Stemmer free?


    We split the revenue with you 50/50, paid out monthly.

    How much money will I make with Stemmer?


    That depends on how much traffic you can drive to your portal. If have 100 daily visitors, you'll generate about $300 per month. We split it 50/50 with you, so you'd walk away with $150.

    If it doesn't sound great, will my Stemmer portal hurt my brand?


    Communicate this as "test out my beta auto-mastering", or other words to stress that its a test and the product is in beta. Your audience will be excited to join something new. They only have to pay if they want to download their master.

    What if Stemmer sounds bad to me?


    Somebody else might like the sound. About 2% of artists who view your portal will purchase a master.