Artists demand masters from producer printing $500/m from their AI music

December 22, 2023

$500 was spent on an alleged AI mastering service in December ‘23.

Its owner boasted credits with Universal Music Group, Capitol Records, & the NFL. But as users paid for his service, betrayal unfolded.

With 500,000 views on Tik Tok, Noah “2points” Carmichael proved his startup was rising. Earnestly providing AI mixing to his clients, he had no intention of shorting artists with AI mastering

Noah was approached by a former auto-mixing rival with strong claims.

Stemmer reaching out to 2points
The Instagram message that caused the chaos

Noah had 3 fears about the portal:

  1. It might disintegrate his marketing funnel.
  1. It could harm his existing mixing business.
  1. It could have issues fulfilling orders automatically

Noah expressed these concerns to Sam Goetz, CEO of the auto-mastering service. But after winning $30,000+ from the University of Delaware and placing in the Music Tectonics competition, Sam knew how to position his business.

Sam pitched, “This product is in beta, so there could be some minor bugs. But this could print us $800/month. We’ll split the cash 50/50.”

Before Noah could finish hesitating, Sam sent him a short line of HTML code . “Just plug this into your site, it’s already live.”

Noah's mastering widget image
Noah's mastering widget

Launched on Thanksgiving, they were unaware of the problems brewing while they earned $35 in revenue. It seemed too good to be true!

Sam and Noah getting excited over text
Sam and Noah getting excited

That’s when the trouble started. Artists were paying to download their mastered songs, but not receiving any files.
Upset artist claim 1
A stressed artist

3rd angry artist screenshot
Another issue

2nd screenshot of angry artist
A third upset musician

Frustrated but determined, Sam overhauled the file download system. The new system worked, and was now generating a truly passive income.

By January, the portal had grossed $500.

But the portal still didn’t integrate with Noah's marketing funnel.

Sam then built a genius a lead-magnet

After a song is finished being mastered, he added a “marketing gate” where users input their contact info to hear their finished song.

This lead-magnet 2x’d Noah’s email opt-in rate, and brought him 400 leads within 16 days of launching the feature.
stemmer marketing gate image
Marketing gate that doubled Noah's email opt-ins

Noah took a risk to earn $500 and 400 leads from Sam's "Stemmer".

He was scared that Stemmer would disintegrate his marketing funnel, but Stemmer actually doubled his email opt-in rate.

Originally fearful Stemmer could mess up his other offerings, he "didn’t see any signs that it's taking away from my mixing business.”

Though the issues have been permanently resolved, he was correct to fear problems in the fulfillment process. For a brief period, furious artists were demanding their audio files.

Thanks to Noah's risky test-run, Stemmer has been fixed.

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