About Us

Sam Goetz has been making songs his whole life. He earned a certificate in Music Recording from Camden County College in 2018 while also engineering at Grindhouse Multimedia in Philadelphia. That same year, he founded Triggered Tunes LLC and sold rap beats online. In 2021, he earned an Honors Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Delaware (UD) with a minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Stemmer began in August 2020 because Sam noticed that his old clients kept asking him for old stems that he didn’t have. He identified this as a problem and set out to solve it. However, people didn’t seem to care about solving this problem. Sam and his then co-founder Julian talked to 100 artists and engineers and realized that mixing engineers would struggle with receiving sloppy projects from their clients. They tested some solutions to solve this problem, but most engineers weren’t in strong need of a solution. Julian left the team, and Sam began to focus on artist's needs. He validated that artists struggle to mix their songs, and built Stemmer as a solution.

Mixing turned out to be too hard to automate, so Sam built an auto-mastering portal instead.



hello [at] stemmer.io

Instagram: @stemmer.io